Top Print Magazines for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Over the past few years, so many motorcycle shops have closed their doors thanks to the digital age. I have always loved reading stuff on paper rather than on a screen. At least that gives me a break from all the insanity happening online. I still believe that what’s offline isn’t on the internet and once it’s gone it’s gone. So I’ve gotten myself a couple of limited editions that I am so proud of.

For those like me looking for actual magazines to read, below is a list of those that have kept me opening the pages. Of course, it’s not a comprehensive list but you can let me know of your favourite magazines.

H.O.G Magazine

If we have any Harley enthusiasts like me, I recommend this magazine. It’s published four times annually and you get it delivered to your door.

I have been a H.O.G Magazine fanatic since they launched in 2009. If you need to know anything happening in the Harley world, this is your best friend. You get all 411 including the Harley-Davidson OEM parts and exclusive bike features.


This magazine proves you’re not only a rider but one with impeccable taste. I have to tell you that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Their landscape orientation is packed with evergreen stories on riders adventures. From Bali to Alaska, you won’t find a magazine this authentic.

They are first motorcyclists and second publishers. And I love that they have global contributors so don’t be surprised to get some riding advice for your area.


I used to carry a copy of Motoveli in my back pocket a while back. It’s such a small booklet. 8 inches by 5 inches. The magazine gives you all you need to know about the NYC rider. This magazine gives me insight into what’s happening to other riders on the opposite side of the world. Motoveli is a riding love letter that’s a little artsy, abstract, and a bit philosophical.


As the name suggests, the main purpose of the magazine is to get riders on the road. I like it as it gives you ideas on where to go and what to do with your bike. I have gotten so much inspiration over the years to go on road trips thanks to Backroads Magazine.

Many garage dealerships will have a copy of Backroads so pick one and be inspired. It caters to  both novice and experienced riders looking for adventure.