How do motorcycle Imports work?

When you want to import a motorcycle to your country the first thing you do is obviously choose which motorcycle you want to buy. Many international vendors these days have door to door service and can have the motorcycle delivered to the person’s address anywhere (well almost anywhere!) in the world. So it is important to think about the shipping details and delivery options that the particular vendor gives you when you are purchasing your motorcycle. Some dealers or traders may not provide you with this option. And some may only do shipments for particular models and sizes. So make sure to check these before actually buying your motorcycle from another country. But then when all of that is figured out you also have to check the regulations for motorcycle imports in your own country. Because each country has different rules and regulations for importing motorcycles.


Check the rules and regulations for motorcycle imports to your country

Importing any product is a specialization in and of itself. There are many detailed processes that you need to understand in order to import any product without any hassles or glitches. And this differs from one product to another. Because there are different import rules and regulations for each product. So the rules that apply to importing a car from another country may differ from the rules for importing a motorcycle. And there are may even different rules and regulations for importing different sizes, brands or models of motorcycles.

What to look out for before importing a motorcycle

There are several things that you must surely take into consideration so that your motorcycle import does not face any issues. The first thing you should check is whether you are even eligible to import the motorcycle you have chosen to your country or not. This can depend on the specifications of the motorcycle, including the brand, the model, the size, or even engine specifications. It can also depend on the age of the motorcycle. In some countries you are allowed to import older models but are not allowed to import new models. Another important thing to keep in mind is whether you are thinking of importing it temporarily or permanently. Some countries allow temporary imports for example for 6 or 12 months, but do not allow permanent imports for certain models or brands or for any type of motorcycle altogether. Another thing to consider are the import rates which again differ from one country to another and from one model, brand or size of motorcycles and also differ based on their age.